Oratory of San Sebastiano in the church of SS Annunziata


The Oratory of Saint Sebastian is situated on the right side of the Church of the SS Annunziata in Florence and was built by the Pucci family in 1452 upon the design of Michelozzo. The original architectural space has remained the same while the apse was restructured in 1608 by Giovanni Caccini and finalised by Gherardo Silvani. The frescoes in the dome are by Bernardino Poccetti while the altar paintings are by Giovan Battista Paggi and Aurelio Lomi with two statues by Novelli. 

Piero del Pollaiolo painted his masterpiece, The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, in 1475 for the Oratory and this is now at the National Gallery in London.

The Oratory was badly damaged during the flood of 1966 in Florence. Three feet of water and mud filled the Oratory. Now, fifty years later, a comprehensive plan for restoration has been completed, receiving full approval from the City’s Commission of Fine Arts.  Work has already begun to bring back to Oratory to its original splendor and meaning and  present family members, Idanna and Giannozzo Pucci,  have started the restoration of the entire space. Friends of Florence is assisting them in receiving donations to complete  the project.

Approaching the Apse
The Apse
Altar- marble work, lapis lazuli
Marble floor in front of the Altar
Altarpiece- Nativity by Ludovico Cigoli
Close-up of Nativity
Painting on left wall by Paggi- Death of St. Sebastian, 1605
Close-up of Paggi's painting
Painting on right wall by Aurelio Lomi, 1607
Close-up of Lomi's painting
Poccetti frescoes above the Apse, 1600
Pocetti frescoes
Pocetti detail, Allegory
Cupola in mother-of-pearl
Cupola center