Friends of Florence and The American Friends of the Prado to Jointly Restore "The Annunciation" by Fra Angelico, at The Prado Museum, Madrid

January, 2018

The Annunciation

Friends of Florence and The American Friends of The Prado are pleased to jointly undertake the funding of the restoration of Fra Angelicos masterpiece,The Annunciation, at The Prado’s renowned restoration laboratory in Madrid.  Work will begin in 2018. 

The altarpiece was painted for the Monastery of Santo Domenico in Fiesole, in the hills above Florence. The Archangel Gabriel’s Annunciation to Mary occupies the central panel while to the left, Adam and Eve are evicted from Paradise.  The beautiful predella, completely in tact, illustrates the life of the Virgin; Mary’s birth, Mary's wedding to Saint Joseph, Mary’s time with  her cousin, Saint Elisabeth, the birth of Jesus, the presentation of Jesus in the Temple, and the Virgin with Christ receiving her soul. Many consider this masterpiece to be Fra Angelicos finest work.

Estimated budget: $100,000 (with an equal amount provided by The American Friends of The Prado).
Images (c) Museo Nacional del Prado.